Download Remote Agent

This download will enable us to access your computer via GotoAssist re It is 100% safe and all sessions are recorded.

Whether it’s Virus, Malware or Trojans infecting your PC or laptop or the computer is running slow with system errors A1 has the technology and expertise to fix these problems safely and efficiently remotely.

Providing you have a working internet connection, around 80-90% of all issues are software related and can be fixed without all the hassle and inconvenience of driving to a store and waiting for the repair.

Cost – It’s best to look at the overall cost of a repair. Petrol, waiting time and there must be a cost of frustration to your
health. A1 PC Services is not the cheapest on-line provider – the market is saturated with  quick fix offers – promises that cannot be fulfilled. You are provided a fixed cost before any work is undertaken and you can request an estimate which can be emailed or texted to you.

Thorough – Remote access to your PC allows us to do something that a traditional on-site fix just cannot achieve – or would be economically viable – imagine paying an hourly rate for a technician to complete a scan, unable to do other work on your PC? It happens, and there are companies out there more than willing to charge you for this. Most on-site and on-line techs will run a quick virus scan to save time which is a half-measure and you may still be using a compromised PC. A1 runs full scans where appropriate and using more than one type of software to ensure you are covered.

Expertise – Most major high street stores/small computer stores lack the expertise/time to properly diagnose and repair your computer – most will simply run a quick virus scan or, more often than not, wipe your unit back to original settings. This will mean you have to spend countless hours reinstalling software and data.