WARNING There are many rouge companies on the internet that appear legitimate on the surface but they can rob you of data or worse. All sessions are secured using equivalent or better security than most UK banks and are recorded. Please check our independent reviews here or  contact us

Quick Fix



30 minute remote quick fix

  • Easy set-up
  • Time starts when remote set-up is established
  • UK based support
  • Very secure – remote sessions are recorded
  • Pay for 30 minutes time with a Microsoft Certified Technician
  • Can be used to set-up software/printer/webcam
  • Residential clients only

Virus Removal



Remote virus removal

  • Virus, Trojans & Worms  removed
  • Malware & PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) removed
  • Unwanted browser toolbars removed
  • Anti-virus definitions checked and updated
  • System security checked
  • New Anti-virus program installed – free or premium.
  • Residential clients only

Remote Service


PC like new

  • Your PC or Laptop running like new or better **
  • All the benefits of Virus Removal Service plus
  • PC or laptop thoroughly cleaned of junk and clutter to increase performance
  • Windows updates checked
  • System Restore checked
  • Check and update runtimes e.g. Flash/Java
  • Start-up optimised to increase boot speed
  • Hard Drive SMART status checked for errors
  • Fragmentation level checked and run defrag before closing job
  • Residential clients only


** Please note this service can take over 3 hours